Empower Employees with a Homebuying Employee Benefit

We’re excited to introduce a valuable addition to your existing benefits package: CityWorth’s Homebuying Employee Benefit. We understand the financial challenges many employees face when it comes to owning a home. Our goal is to make homeownership more accessible, fostering financial security and personal freedom for your employees. Similar to investments like 401(k)s, the earlier you can help your employees invest in homeownership, the better off they will be in the long term.

Identified Challenges:

Several obstacles hinder employees from realizing their dream of homeownership:

  • Insufficient savings
  • Low credit scores
  • Inability to afford desired locations
  • Lack of knowledge on where to begin
  • Simply don’t believe in their ability to purchase a home


Employee benefits are designed to assist with crucial aspects of employees’ lives. Health insurance, 401k plans, dental and vision coverage, and life insurance are all products readily available on the open market. However, when offered through an employer, these benefits can be streamlined and made more affordable. This is precisely what we offer with CityWorth’s Homebuying Benefit, an easier and more affordable way to buy a home. A home represents one of the most significant purchases individuals make in their lifetime and is the primary generator of wealth in America. Thus, facilitating this goal for employees certainly makes sense.

Solution: CityWorth’s Home Package

By partnering directly with employers, CityWorth has simply cut out the middleman advertising expenses (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and passes those savings to the employees for their home purchase. For example, employees purchasing a $500,000 home would receive $5,000 to assist in covering closing costs. We guide employees through every step of the homebuying process, from finding suitable properties to securing financing. For employees faced with low credit scores, we provide personalized strategies and financial guidance to help improve their creditworthiness, making homeownership more accessible to all. CityWorth offers comprehensive solutions to overcome the identified challenges to becoming a homeowner.

*Premium Retention Feature Add-on: HomePlus Package

The HomePlus package comes with a premium feature to help increase a company’s retention rate. The program allows Companies to contribute money towards the down payment of an employee’s home purchase. CityWorth provides a written agreement for the company and employee where employees who utilize this program and receive money will agree to stay at company for a predetermined amount of time which is generally anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Ease of Access and Support:

CityWorth offers employees a user-friendly platform that simplifies the homebuying process. Through our platform, employees can easily get pre-approved for a loan, search for homes, create wealth plans, and consult with expert advisors via our live chat feature. Our comprehensive home package includes educational resources and live webinars, empowering employees to make informed decisions and reinforcing their confidence in achieving homeownership.

Innovative Solutions to the World Changing:

In today’s evolving world, adaptation is key. With Millennials and Gen Z marrying later in life, dual incomes often become essential for purchasing a home. Many individuals resort to living with roommates to share housing expenses. Recognizing this need, CityWorth offers the DubbleUpp program, a collaborative homebuying initiative. DubbleUpp allows employees to buy a home with friends, family, coworkers, or current roommates.

Starting with home selection to loan financing and the creation of a personalized DubbleUpp Agreement, we guide employees every step of the way. This agreement covers equity distribution, monthly payments, sale terms, and logistical details like pet policies and household chores delegation. Additionally, our DubbleUpp community provides a platform for learning and expert advice, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and connect with others embarking on similar journeys. To find out more visit: www.dubbleupp.com

Cost Consideration:

We understand the constraints faced by HR departments in allocating budgets for additional benefits. Hence, our program incurs no upfront or ongoing fees for company. No monthly fees, startup fees, or technology fees. Completely free for your company and its employees. Our revenue model is straightforward: when someone purchases a home, we earn a commission. This commission is paid by the seller of the home. Additionally, we earn income for financing the loan. Our earnings are directly tied to our performance.

Benefits to Company:

By implementing a homebuying benefit, your company stands to gain a multitude of advantages. Firstly, offering such a perk can lead to a more stable workforce, as employees who own homes are often more rooted in their communities and less likely to seek employment elsewhere. This reduced turnover translates to significant cost savings for the company, both in terms of recruitment expenses and the loss of institutional knowledge that occurs when experienced employees leave.

Moreover, providing support for homeownership can significantly enhance employee retention rates. When employees feel that their employer is invested in their long-term well-being and financial stability, they are more likely to remain loyal to the company. This increased loyalty, in turn, fosters a sense of commitment and dedication among employees, leading to heightened productivity and overall better performance.

Additionally, promoting homeownership can contribute to the creation of a more positive organizational culture. Employees who own homes tend to have a greater sense of pride and responsibility, which can translate into a more engaged and cohesive workforce. Furthermore, facilitating homeownership among employees demonstrates that your organization values not only their professional contributions but also their personal aspirations and goals, thereby strengthening the employer-employee relationship.

Beyond the immediate benefits to the company, supporting employees in their journey towards homeownership can have broader positive effects on the community and economy as a whole. Homeownership instills a sense of stability and security in individuals’ lives, which can have ripple effects in terms of community development and wealth accumulation. As employees put down roots in their neighborhoods and invest in their homes, they become more engaged citizens, contributing to the social fabric and economic vitality of their communities.


By offering CityWorth’s Homebuying Employee Benefit, your organization can empower its employees with the financial freedom of homeownership, enhancing retention, productivity, and organizational culture. This initiative not only addresses challenges hindering home purchases but also aligns with the commitment to employee well-being and community development. Let’s build a brighter future together through the power of homeownership.


Tommy Shumway, VP of Benefits



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