CityWorth: Reinventing Home Buying For Everyone

Home buying is a major life step, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced buyer. Over the last century, home buying has become increasingly difficult. Many people carry financial burdens such as student loans, medical bills, and other financial responsibilities which make it almost impossible to purchase a home. In fact, 52% of adults between the ages of 18-34 moved back in with their parents after being unable to pay rent.

CityWorth is no stranger to savings. With in-house lending and real estate services, CityWorth already helps its customers reduce the costs needed to purchase a home. However, they decided to take it a step further to help more people become homeowners. CityWorth is launching the latest app in Real Estate: DubbleUpp!

What is DubbleUpp?

Most people are familiar with dating apps such as Tinder and Match, where a person can get matched with another based on personal preferences and lifestyle. CityWorth brought that same concept to real estate with DubbleUpp, except now people can get matched to buy a home together!

The matching process works in two ways. Eager homebuyers can either match with someone they already know OR they can take a personality/lifestyle quiz to be matched with someone brand new! And buy a home with 0 down payment.

DubbleUpp also provides the opportunity to invest in real estate. There is an option to become an investor and be matched with someone who will live in the home. The best part of being an investor is that you would only be paying 5% for the down payment versus the typical 20% it usually costs to invest in real estate.

CityWorthhomes provides realistic and appealing programs for all types of buyers. Buy your next home your way by contacting us today!

Interested in DubbleUpp? Join the millions who are signing up for DubbleUpp to buy their next home at!

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