The 3 Pillars of Our Wealth Benefit.

The combination of these 3 key pillars provides a roadmap for all employees to participate in real estate wealth creation.

Benefit Pillar One:

Buying and Investing
Programs that Make Real Estate Accessible to Everyone

Stop renting – YOU can own a home. We have programs that can help you buy a home with as little as $0 down. With education and protected privacy, you have a safe location to learn about the process and understand how to make your home dreams possible.  

The exclusive DubbleUpp program offered by CityWorth Loans allows qualified homeowners the ability to buy a home with no closing costs and no money down.

Why DubbleUpp:

  • No Money Down: You can now buy a home with no money down and no closing costs with CityWorth.
  • Equity Now: Instead of waiting to save up for a down payment, you can buy a home now and start earning equity.
  • Build Wealth: According to the Federal Reserve, homeowners have 40x greater net worth than renters.
  • Savings: Skip the down payment & closing costs and preserve your savings so you are not “house poor”.

Many start their home search, see homes out of their price range and get discouraged. The exclusive DubbleUpp program offered by CityWorth Loans provides the framework for you to buy a home with friends, family, coworkers, or even new acquaintances matched on the website.

You will be the most informed homebuyer possible when you are ready to make your home purchase.

  • Before you make a purchase, we can help you understand your options and how to find the best possible home.
  • During your transaction, we walk you through every step so you never feel alone.
  • After you move in, we are still there for you if you need any information about anything related to your home.

You can access our online tools and get instantly connected to your dedicated CityWorth team any time using the HelloWealthCreation portal.

Your personal information is always kept private by CityWorth and never shared with other companies.  You will never fill out a form and then be harassed by 5 different companies for the next 2 months or risk online scams sending your information to the dark web. 

With our portal you have instant access to our experts via text, phone, or email.

Benefit Pillar Two:

Real Estate + Mortgage
Dedicated Advisors Combined with an All-in-One Experience

We have reimagined the entire home buying process. Our in-house agents focus exclusively on analysis and negotiating so you get the best deal possible. Tasks like showing homes are pushed to our nationwide team of home showing agents who can meet you whenever is convenient for you.

You can use text, email, or phone to get instantly connected to your dedicated CityWorth team any time using the HelloWealthCreation portal.

Unlike a traditional Real Estate agency with thousands of independent distributed agents, our experts are centralized in one location. This all-in-one Mortgage and Real Estate approach provides more consistent results, better operational efficiencies, and real time communication.

Your employees can expect a streamlined process and thousands in savings as we pass on our savings from operational efficiencies.

We have designated agents for negotiating & analytics who serve hundreds of customers, creating the Super Agent with the ability to perform at a high level for the customer’s largest purchase of their life.

No open houses. No sales people. We have a network of local agents that will just unlock the door to let your employees into homes of interest for a viewing. It’s safer, and less stressful, for your employees this way.

Benefit Pillar Three:

Wealth Planning
Wealth Creation Plans that Add Real Estate to Retirement Goals

Diversify your retirement planning using our real estate wealth advisors. Whether you want to look at traditional rentals, our exclusive DubbleUpps, or just your primary home, we can show you how real estate will play a role in your retirement.

We have created wealth plans that show you how to hit retirement goals starting at any age.  Our prebuilt plans can be used on their own or just used as a starting point to create your custom wealth plan.

Our wealth advisors can meet with you to understand your retirement needs, current financial situation, and appetite for real estate investment to create custom plans tailored just for you.

Want to be a real estate investor but don’t have the 20% and not sure you want to deal with tenant? Great news!  We have a 5% down investor program that allows you to buy with someone that will live in the house. You become 50/50 partners with you paying the initial money to buy the home and the partner who occupies the home will pay the mortgage payment and maintain the home. This is a great program to introduce you to real estate investing.    

The Best Part? It's Free. No Catch.

This is being offered at absolutely no cost to the employee or the employer. There is no catch. We hope that by offering this amazing benefit, you will use our services when the time comes and you need a service related to your home.

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