Scheduling an Inspection

Don’t underestimate the importance of a home inspection. This might seem like a superficial item on your home buying to-do list, but it can make or break a purchase. A home inspection can tell you about the major and minor issues present in your prospective home. The quality, duration, and thoroughness of an inspection can vary widely between service providers. However, commonly checked items during a home inspection typically include:

  • Heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems
  • Interior plumbing
  • Roof and attic
  • All visible insulation
  • Floors, ceilings, doors, and walls
  • Basement, foundation, and structural elements

The cost of an inspection can also fluctuate depending on the contractor and the services required. According to HomeAdvisor, however, the average cost of a home inspection can range between $279 and $399, with the national average sitting at $339. If repairs are needed, your realtor can negotiate with the seller to fix them, lower the sale price, or even terminate the offer.