Common FAQs. For Employees.

Below are the common FAQs we get asked about our wealth creation benefits.

How much does this benefit cost?

This is being offered by CityWorth at absolutely no cost.  There is no catch.  We hope that by offering this amazing benefit, you will use our services when the time comes and you need a service related to your home.

Do you offer this benefit in my state?

The CityWorth Wealth Benefit is currently being offered in the states below with plans to expand nationwide. If you are interested and not in one of the states, contact us for more information about when we plan to be in your state.

Available States:
Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

Can I ask you questions if I am not using your services?

While we of course prefer you to use our services because you will have the best experience and achieve the best results, we will answer questions even if you use someone else.  We believe in paying it forward and that everyone deserves to own a home.

How does this compare to a 401K?

Diversifying assets is the key to a balanced portfolio and provides protection against unexpected market fluctuations.

Real Estate diversifies your 401K retirement because it is a different asset class. It also creates new growth potential because your gains from appreciation are tied to the overall value of the property and not just how much you invest.

Why use CityWorth instead of my local real estate agent?

Our agents are specialists in negotiating and managing a real estate transaction. 

Because we are centrally located, we use a network of providers to offer great local services like opening the door when you want to see a home while focusing our inhouse real estate team on what gives the most benefit to our customers.