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Browse available homes online with our easy-to-use home search platform. See a home you love?  Make an offer instantly or tour it first with one of our home showing specialists.

Our Latest Program

A whole new way to buy.

Looking to make home buying more affordable? Well, that’s the mission of the DubbleUpp platform. Using dating site technology and compatibility scoring, you match with someone based on home preferences and personal details.

  • No Money Down: You can now buy a home with no money down and no closing costs with CityWorth.
  • Equity Now: Instead of waiting to save up for a down payment, you can buy a home now and start earning equity.
  • Build Wealth: According to the Federal Reserve, homeowners have 40x greater net worth than renters.
  • Savings: Skip the down payment & closing costs and preserve your savings so you are not “house poor”.

Many start their home search, see homes out of their price range and get discouraged. The exclusive DubbleUpp program offered by CityWorth Loans provides the framework for you to buy a home with friends, family, coworkers, or even new acquaintances matched on the website.

Our agreement recognizes in writing the many decisions that must be made when buying a home with someone. Just to name a few:

  • Type of ownership on the deed
  • What happens when someone misses a payment
  • Who gets which bedroom
  • What happens if someone wants out early
  • And much, much more

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The All In One Approach- we took Real Estate and Mortgage and put them together for much easier and efficient process.

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We offer a free evaluation of your total financial picture with Real Estate in mind.

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Your Wealth Creation Team

Your team includes your lead real estate agent and their team of transaction coordinators, assistants, and local home showing specialists. Your team also includes a lead mortgage banker, loan assistants, processors, underwriters, and closing specialists.

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