Things to consider

Before you do anything else, ask yourself if you’re ready to buy a home. There are several variables to consider—financial and otherwise—before you take the plunge. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Consider your current lifestyle and your anticipated future lifestyle.
    • What do your five, ten, and 20-year plans look like?
    • Look at the trends of market values and the cost of other necessities such as schooling, food, extracurriculars, tax rates, etc.
    • Are you planning to expand your family?
    • How long do you hope to live in your chosen area?
    • Assess your present financial standing and future financial goals. Are you financially stable?
    • What can you afford now, and how will your plans impact your goals for saving versus spending?
  • Are you prepared to take on the commitment and responsibility that comes with owning a home?
  • If you would like to explore ways to afford a larger home without increasing your monthly payment or upfront costs, consider our DubbleUpp program