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Make your employees feel more valued 

Provide them stability and security in their lives

Maximize their wealth and retirement strategy

Make it easier and more affordable to buy a home

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Reduce recruiting and training expenses

Increase employees commitment to company

Maximize employee productivity and company profits

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How does the program work?


Broker Signs Up

-Broker gets access to CityWorth benefits team and all promotions
-Ask about our compensation program


Company signs up

Company personnel will meet with a CityWorth Benefits Specialist to decide the best package for you


Employee Signs Up

Employee gets access to private CityWorth portal


Employees Can:

-Get Pre-approved
-Search for Homes
-Connect with their CityWorth real estate agent and Banker
-Make an offer
-Become a new homeowner


Employees Receive:

-Up to $10,000 for closing costs
-Up to $20,000 or more if the company chooses Premium Feature
-Great negotiators who save you additional money
-Premium service


Premium Feature Companies Receive:

-Written contribution plan
-Written retention agreement
-Lower turnover
-Increased productivity and profits

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By partnering directly with employers, we have simply cut out the middleman advertising expenses (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and pass those savings to the employees for their home purchase.

We give a 1% credit up to $10,000 to help with closing costs. For example, employees purchasing a $500,000 home would receive $5,000 to assist in covering closing costs

CityWorth’s benefit is completely free to companies and their employees. No admin fees or technology fees. We make money when an employee buys a home through our real estate agents and mortgage company.

The Home Package offers a user-friendly platform at no cost to the company, simplifying the homebuying process. Employees gain access to tools like loan pre-approval, home search, wealth planning, and expert advisor consultations via live chat. Our comprehensive package includes educational resources and live webinars, empowering informed decision-making and boosting confidence in homeownership.

For companies looking for a premium retention feature, they can elect our HomePlus package. The program allows companies to contribute money towards the down payment of an employee’s home purchase. CityWorth provides a written agreement for the company and employee, where employees who utilize this program and receive money will agree to stay at the company for a predetermined amount of time, which is generally anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

With Millennials and Gen Z marrying later in life, dual incomes often become essential for purchasing a home. Many individuals resort to living with roommates to share housing expenses.

Recognizing this need, CityWorth offers the DubbleUpp program, a collaborative homebuying initiative. DubbleUpp allows employees to buy a home with friends, family, coworkers, or current roommates. Starting with home selection to loan financing and the creation of a personalized DubbleUpp Agreement, we guide employees every step of the way.

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